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ALTUG factory has two main product lines: LDPE Recycled Granule and Recycled Packaging/Garbage bag.

ALTUG LDPE recycled granule

PE: Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)


Color: Transparent Color; Black Color; Blue Color; Red Color, Milk white Color; Grey Color...


Raw Materials: High-quality pure LDPE scraps, post-production industrial scraps. Raw materials quality is stable and guaranteed.


Filter: Laser filter system. First stage with two times 100 mesh manual change, second stage with 120 mesh automatic self-cleaning filter system.


Application: Our factory produce two quality recycled granule.
1. (120 mesh)
Blowing film (packaging film or bags) quality;

2. (100 mesh)Pipe extrusion; Cable; Aluminium Composite Panel.

IMG_2512 (1).png
Altug Recycled Packaging/Garbage/Market bag


Packaging bags: Market bags, Garbage bags/Refuse sacks for Industrial and Domestic use, and all kinds of printed and unprinted bags.


ALTUG bags cover every possible situation you may require to keep your surroundings clean.


Manufactured using recycled plastic which has been processed in ALTUG's own recycling factory. ALTUG bags are sized to fit every possible use in the home, garden, kitchens, the city public can, or industrial facilities.

Garbage bag/refuse sack on Roll or Flat
Container bag, bin bag

For Daily Use Garbage bag:

This product is an economic segment for daily use, lighter and more practical. Different color options as black, yellow, blue, and red. Different sizes can satisfy all your daily needs.


Small Size: 40×50 cm; Medium Size: 55×60; Large Size: 65×80; Outsize: 75×90 or 72×95; Jumbo Size: 80×110; Bulky Size: 100×150

For Industrial Trash Bag:

This product is especially for more frequently collected heavy loads for out-of-home use such as in industrial zone, residential buildings, cafeterias, hotels, and restaurants.

The product is Thick, Strong, Reliable, and Affordable!


Jumbo Size 80×110 of J-250 J-350; J-400; J-500; J-650


Market Bag for Daily Use

Usage: Factory, Supermarket, Home, Office, Household, Garden


Junior T-shirt Bag (Small Size); T-shirt Bag (Medium Size); Jumbo T-shirt Bag (Big Size)

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